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BIU BikeTrial 2015




The BIU (BikeTrial International Union) runs various European and World events, including:

BIU European Cup
BIU European Championship
BIU World BikeTrial Indoor Cup
BIU World BikeTrial Championship

2016 is the BIU's 25th year of organising the BikeTrial World Championships.

Robin Morewood is the British Delegate for the BIU.

Whilst the Biketrial Federation UK fully supports Robin in his role, all information and communications to and from the BIU is directly through him.
`Jack Carthy - UK - World Cup Winner 2015

2016 BIU World Championship, Blansko, Czech Republic
The British Team had a great time at the BIU World Championship on 8th to 13th August.  

Monday 8th August starts off the competition for Elite, Senior and Junior riders.
Tuesday 9th August is the start for Minime, Benjamin and Poussin.
Friday 12th August, the Minime, Benjamin and Pousisin ride again.
Saturday 13th August, the Elite, Senior and Junior riders finish off the week.

Well done to everyone!  Report as soon as they get back!
PouissinOliver Cooper
BenjaminBailey Dacker
Josh McParland
Elliott Cooper
Jake Green
MinimeAdam Morewood
Reece Seymour
Charlie Rolls
JuniorWill Ackerley
Senior 20"Aaron Duke
Elite 26"Scott Wilson
Elite 26"Ben Savage

Huge congratulations to all the UK team riders who rode at Sardinia BIU Championship.  The UK team came away with two 1st places, a 2nd, two 3rds and a 4th place

All the UK team rode great and as such the UK managed to get 2nd position in the nations cup.  Well done to everyone!

EliteBen Savage1st (European Champion)
JuniorWill Ackerley3rd
MinimeAdam Morewood1st (European Champion)
Reece Seymour3rd
BenjaminJosh McParland2nd
Bailey Dacker4th

Beautiful weather at Dudwood in Derbyshire for this event, with some excellent, although challenging, very well set up sections.  It was great to see several old-time riders there as spectators too!

The 39 competitors made their way round the course of 3 laps of 6 sections: with 29 riders competing for the British BIU title and 24 competiting for the BIU European Cup points.  Sad to say that just 6 european riders attended from Slovakia, Catalunya, Italy and Czech - the rest missed out on a great event!

Well done to the organiser, BIU Delegate Robin Morewood and to his team of helpers.


BIU Age Categories/Classes

Check out the full rules document, Article 11, for the full class information; but briefly:-

Poussin: 7, 8 and 9 years old in the current year
Benjamin:  10, 11 and 12 years old in the current year
Major:  35 years old or more in the current year
Minime:  13, 14 and 15 years old in the current year
Junior:  16, 17 and 18 years old in the current year
Senior:  19 years old and up in the current year (separate classes for wheel size 20" and 26")
Elite:  18 years old in the current year (separate classes for wheel size 20" and 26"

Entering a BIU Event

Firstly – For 2016 the BIU rules regarding licences has changed. A national licence will be accepted rather than a specific BIU international licence. Therefore UK riders should apply for an ACU Trials licence at a cost of 10 per year. This will cover riders for all international BIU events in 2016. https://www.acu.org.uk/RidersMembers/License-Forms.aspx

Secondly, you must contact the Delegate to apply to enter any BIU event, application will only be accepted from each country's delegate, not directly from any individual.

BIU European Cup Series

The 2016 BIU European Cup will be run over two rounds:

Round 1 15th MayDudwood, Derbyshire, UK - This event will also incorporate the British BikeTrial Championship*
Round 23rd September
Retz, Austria
....* Note: A licence is not required to compete in the BIU British BikeTrial Championship but to gain points in the BIU European Cup a licence is required.

BIU European Championship

18th JuneBolotana, Sardinia, Italy

BIU World BikeTrial Championship

8th - 13th AugustBlansko, Czech Republic

BIU Wolrd BikeTrial Indoor Cup

20th SeptemberBarcelona, Catalunya

Documents, pages and email links:
Full BIU BikeTrial Rules
BIU BikeTrial Website
BIU BikeTrial Calendar
Email Robin Morewood BIU Delegate for licence information
2016 BIU European Cup R1 and 2016 BIU British BikeTrial Championship Results here