Scottish Biketrial Club

SBTC was set up in late 2010 after running two fun trial events in late 2010. In 2011 we set up a seven championship trials in Kinlochleven , Ayrshire, East Lothian and Fort William areas. 2012 included some training days and a new Scottish championship with new venues added.  In 2016 we'll be running some club events and a round of the British Trials Cup.

Bike trials are easily the most skillfull bike sport with the riders needing balance and bike control to get themselves and their bikes through the observed sections without losing marks.

Bike trials cater for all ages and abilities, so dads can ride with their sons and mums with their daughters. You can even share the bikes if you like!

Bike trials consist of two or three laps of six to eight sections, with different routes to cater for the different classes. The rider is marked if they put their foot down or fail to get through the section in the maximum time, or fall off the bike. The rider with the lowest score at the end of the day is the winner. The sections are laid out to make sure that all riders can have a good and safe attempt at each section and it is only when you reach expert level that the parts of the sections get huge, but by then you should know what you are doing!

Bike trials have special bikes with very low weight and no seat; they vary in wheel size from 20 inch, 24 inch and 26 inch. It is down to rider preference what they compete on. These bikes are available second hand for only a few hundred pounds and from new from around three hundred to a few thousand. Generally riders buy a cheaper bike with a good frame and then modify them with lighter bits as they progress. The riders are always happy to let new riders have a go on their bikes to get a feel for what they like.

The Club Rules can be seen here.
The Scottish biketrial club uses the Biketrial Federation's aims and objectives as set out in their Constitution.
They can be contacted for more information at:
Tel: Kevin on 01620 822258 or 0789 4588522
Club Membership Form 2016 here

The club run around 4 to 5 club events each year, and a round of the British Trials Cup series.  They are still planning their events for 2016 but information so far is:-
17th April 2016KinlochlevenResults
2nd May 2016Bob Mcgregor Trials ParkResults
19th June 2016
Cream of the Croft, Comrie
21st August 2016Nevis Range, Fort WilliamResults
2nd October 2016NewcastletonEntry form here