15th April 2007 Round 1 Bracken Rocks Results here
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8th July 2007 Round 4 Nevis Range, Fort William Results here
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4th November 2007 Final Shipley Glen Results here
UK National Biketrial Championship 2007

Congratulations to the 181 riders who took part in this 2007 National Championship - a massive WELL DONE to everyone. Everyone's riding showed amazing skill, and it has been satisfying to see you all progressing throughout the year. Your behaviour has been impeccable, and you are all a credit to the sport - thank you - it's been a real pleasure working with you all, and we're looking forward to 2008! With a total of 441 entries to the series, it's been a spectacular year for the sport. Check out the results from the events page.

A quck reminder of events this year ... so many great venues ... so little time to use them all!

Round 1 - April - The Bracken Rocks Cup

The rocky woods of Derbyshire hosted the first round of the BikeTrial Federation's National Championship. The sun shone down on us, with observers suffering from the ants that had woken up in the heat, and riders grateful for water provided at control. It was perfect weather for camping, but perhaps not for riding!

Even so, riders from throughout England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands turned out in force with 73 entries throughout the full range of BIU classes. The heat may have been a little to blame, but the sections were hard with some pretty high scores to be seen.

An excellent event for the start of the 2007 series.

Round 2 - May - The Blackpool Tower Trophy

The Lancashire seaside resort of Blackpool hosted this amazing second round of the series with the highest number of riders to be seen together at one time in the UK. 104 entries turned up from all over the British Isles. The venue was perfect for the hundreds of spectators who stopped to watch as they walked along the promenade, and provided a day's entertainment for a group of elderly ladies who just couldn't believe what they were watching!

Having taken note of the high results from Bracken, the sections were somewhat easier on the Blackpool day so everyone just had a great time riding the moon rocks in the glorious sunshine. To finish off a perfect day, the beautiful Miss Blackpool had a kiss for those collecting their trophies!

Roll on the 2008 event at this venue!

Round 3 - June - The Brimham Trophy

Adjacent to the famous Brimham Rocks, this Yorkshire venue is a favourite for many riders and 64 turned up on the day. A note for next year is to avoid exam time so that more people can turn up!

Even so, it was a really great day, with an excellent variety of sections, some easy, some hard, that everyone enjoyed.

The sections were left in at the end of the competition ready to be used again for the TykeTrial competition the following week when World Champion motorcycle trials rider Dougie Lampkin was to present the awards.


Round 4 - July - The Fort Bill Cup
The spectacular journey through the mountains to the Scottish coastal town of Fort William and the famous Nevis Range turned a trial into a family weekend away for many. It was a long drive that unfortunately limited the number of entries, but 37 riders made it up there, travelling from all over the UK.

Unfortunately it was (as usual at Fort Bill) a little damp, but the riders spirits weren't, with sections including a river-bed with large round boulders, woodland areas, and man-made. Everyone had a great time with the journey well-worth it.

Roll on Scotland 2008.

Round 5 - August - The Addingham Cup

The venue of the 2005 World BikeTrial Championship, and the same organisers! Needless to say that some of the sections were re-used in this Yorkshire event. This was a real celebration for biketrial, as earlier in the year, the council had closed the venue - we fought the closure, and we won the right to continue organising biketrial events!

Unfortunately, another organisation had also arranged an event on this day so numbers were lower than anticipated, but even so an excellent trial took place with 74 riders, again from throughout the UK.


Round 6 - November - The Shipley Glen Cup

An unbelievable end to an amazing year! The perfect venue, perfect weather (particularly for November!) and a brilliant fun day with a fantastic atmosphere.

Shipley Glen has traditionally been unavailable for cycling, but a bit of persuasion by the Biketrial Federation enabled us to secure this prime venue, with 89 riders signing on for this final round having travelled from all over England, Scotland, Wales and the Channel Islands..

The combination of woodland and rocks gave way to a really good variety of sections and everyone had a great time.

To summarise ... it couldn't have been better!

Representatives of the Federation meet next week to plan the 2008 calendar, we hope to secure new venues all over the country to help promote the biketrial sport even further in the future.

Thank you for taking part in the 2007 series, we hope to see you all again in 2008.