Sunday 18th March British Trials Cup Round 1 Bracken Rocks, Derbyshire - BC Qualifier
Sunday 6th May British Trials Cup Round 2 Blackpool, Lancashire - BC Qualifier
Saturday 9th June British Trials Cup Round 3 Nevis range, Fort William, Scotland - BC Qualifier
Sunday 10th June British Trials Cup Round 4 Nevis range, Fort William, Scotland - BC Qualifier
Sunday 1st July British Trials Cup Round 5 Essex Trials & Jump Centre, Barrow Farm, Essex - BC Qualifier
Sunday 16th September British Trials Cup Round 6 Hook Wood, Surrey
Sunday 23rd October British Trials Cup Round 7 Shipley Glen, Yorkshire
Points are awarded to the top 15 riders in each class (best 5 out of 7 rounds to count). The rider with the most points after the final round of the year will be awarded the title
British Trials Champion 2012
1st = 20 points
4th = 13 points
7th = 9 points
10th = 6 points
13th = 3 points
2nd = 17 points
5th = 11 points
8th = 8 points
11th = 5 points
14th = 2 points
3rd = 15 points
6th = 10 points
9th = 7 points
12th = 4 points
15th = 1 point
Please visit the Events page for on-line entry and on-line payment for events.

After the Annual Meeting of the Biketrial Federation Organisers the rules and classes have been updated. Please check out the Rules page of the website for a copy of the Minutes of the Meeting, and an updated copy of the rules.

British Cycling has stated that the Biketrial Federation is the trials organisation recognised by them. They have asked the Federation to assist in making the UCI World Team selection. A selection policy has been prepared by British Cycling, and is based on (a) UCI World Cup standing and (b) British BTF standing. The 2012 policy is available from the Rules page of this website.

Results from the above British Trials Events will be used to prepare the British Trials standing for the 2012 UCI World Team selection.

Keep checking back here for more up-to-date information.

British Trials Elite Standing 2012

Jack Carthy 1st 2011
Ben Savage 1st 2011
Joe Seddon 2nd 2011
Dave Kerr 3rd 2011
James Hyland 4th 2011
Tom Rigg 5th 2011
Brett Penfold 6th 2011
Steve Rogers 7th 2011
Andrew Walker 8th 2010
Danny Butler 9th 2010
Adam Bessell 10th 2010
Michael Singleton 11th 2010
Ben Slinger 12th 2010
Matt Burrows 13th 2010
Andrei Burton 14th 2010
Scott Wilson 15th 2010
Tim Stedman 16th 2010
Joe Oakley 17th 2010
Stan Shaw 18th 2009
Alastair Clarkson 19th 2009
James Porter 20th 2009
Patrick Donovan 21st 2009
Gavin Bedford 22nd 2009
Wayne Mahomet 23rd 2008
Nick Goddard 24th 2008
Andy Ford 25th 2008
Arran Cook 26th 2007
Danny Smith 27th 2007
Chris Doney 28th 2007
Oliver Battye 1st 2011
Tom Astbury 2nd 2011
Dave Kerr 3rd 2011
Tom Rankin 4th 2010
Rob Poyser 5th 2010
Sam Oliver 6th 2010
Joe Seddon 7th 2010
Ryan Trickett 8th 2010
James Sheridan 9th 2010
Karl Donnelly 10th 2009
Duncan Shaw 11th 2009
Kieran Whitefield 12th 2009
Chris Walker 13th 2008
Matthew Whitten 14th 2008
Dan Wheeler 15th 2008
Chris Boyes 16th 2007
Can you improve your British Ranking in 2012?

Qualified to ride Elite in 2012

Alec Wray 26" 2011
Jamie Bew 20" 2011
Aaron Cosbey 26" 2009

To qualify to ride the Elite route, riders must have won the Expert route on at least two occasions in the last 12 months. Riders wishing to be de-selected from Elite should apply to the Biketrial Federation Committee.

Click here for the British Elite Selection Policy