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The Annual Meeting of interested parties took place on 30th November 2014. A really good attendance from all over the UK, with loads of new ideas to promote the sport.

There were some changes to the rules and rider-classes, full details of those should be available soon.

A full schedule of rounds for the National series for 2015 was planned at that meeting around the International dates previously notified to us. Unfortunately the BIU changed three of those dates after our meeting and have rearranged them with dates that clashed with our own planned series. In order to ensure all British riders could compete both nationally and internationally we are currently trying to re-arrange our own plans and venues. Please bare with us on this! We can confirm that round 1 is confirmed as Sunday 12th April at Hook Woods in Surrey; also that round 3 is confirmed as a 2 day event at Fort William alongside the World Downhill Championship. The remainder of rounds should be confirmed soon. NOTE: All rounds are now confirmed check the UK Nationals page for details.

If any rider wishes to compete in the UCI World Championship, it is part of the selection policy (British Cycling) that the rider MUST compete in a minimum of two of the British Trials Cup National rounds to be considered. If, once the final dates are announced, you are unable to attend any of the qualifying rounds, you must contact the Chairman or Administrator as a matter of urgency with a reasonable explanation of why you will be unable to attend (examinations or injury/illness for example).

During 2014 discussions took place with representatives of the BIU with a view to the Biketrial Federation taking over responsibility for the BIU in the UK from their current organisers. Robin Morewood has been put forward to take over as the UK's BIU Delegate but there seems to be a substantial delay in getting final decisions from the BIU and the current British representatives. If this goes ahead, then the Federation (alongside Robin) will be running a one-round BIU British BikeTrial Championship to full BIU rules - this is planned for July but may need to be cancelled depending on the outcome. NOTE: Event now confirmed, check the UCI & BIU page for details.

If the aftermath of a very successful year at the UCI World events (congratulations to all involved) the Biketrial Federation UK has appointed Barry Gawthorpe as their UCI Representative, working alongside British Cycling to gain the best benefits possible for our British riders and for the organisation and management of the entries. He will not be processing your entries, they will go through the normal British Cycling channels, but he will be available to manage any difficulties you may experience and to confirm team entries.

The Biketrial Federation rules have been adjusted this year and will take into consideration issues which have been pointed out to us as problematic or leaving any uncertainties.

Needless to say, it's taken a while to get all the rules sorted out this year, and then we discovered at the last minute that UCI have changed their's to give riders only 2 minutes in each section instead of 2½ minutes. This fits in with us nicely, particularly now as we're assisting with the BIU in the UK and their rule is 2 minutes. So, with immediate effect, riders at our UK events will have 2 minutes per section.

In addition, there is a change in the classification of what parts of the bike must go through all markers - this now states "the entire bike" instead of specifying parts.

And finally, the classes have had a little change, nothing drastic but with very low entries in the MTB class that has now been discontinued, and with the coming of a separate BIU event, the traditional BIU Elite class has been removed from the Cup series, leaving just one Elite class (formerly World Elite). Also there are a couple of age classifications added.

. Primary (10 and under) White Intermediate Senior (26+) Blue
  Novice (14 and under) Green Cadet Red
  Novice Senior (15+) Green Expert Red (UCI style)
  Intermediate (25 and under) Blue Elite Yellow (UCI style)

Hope the changes aren't too complicated for you this year! A full list will be on the Rules page of the website in the next few days.

And a final update (07/03/15) after feedback we have removed any age classifications on the red routes, as well as guidelines for section-setters, organisers and riders on the maximum height, drops etc expected for each route.

Hope you all find the information helpful. If you have any questions, please email

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