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British Youth Team 2015
Youth Games 2015 British Team
Charlie Rolls - 3rd place
Charlie Rolls
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UCI World Cup 2015
Andrew Chai
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Jack Carthy
Andrei Burton

The UCI (Union Cycliste International) runs three main World events:

UCI World Youth Games
UCI World Cup Series
UCI World Trials Championship

UCI Trials World Cup Events 2016
Round Date Of Event Venue CLOSE DATE
1 20-21.05.2016 Krakow (POL) 16.05.2016
2 09-10.07.2016 Les Menuires (FRA) 04.07.2016
3 30-31.07.2016 Vocklabruck (AUT) 25.07.2016
4 20-21.08.2016 Albertville (FRA) 15.08.2016
5 24-25.09.2016 Antwerp (BEL) 19.09.2016

Entry forms and other UCI / UEC dates and information can be found from the calendar as it is released.

The UEC holds an annual European Championship, to be held this year on 23-24th July 2016 at Le Puy-en-Velay, France.  Information about the event can be found here and a street plan here. Anyone wishing to attend this event should contact Rick Clarkson at British Cycling Directly at richardclarkson@britishcycling.org.uk, telephone: 0161 274 2001.  Please also let Barry Gawthorpe know you are going too in case of problems!

Jack Carthy - first ever British UCI World Elite Champion
Read the report on the whole event below ...

UCI World Cup Round 5 Final - Antwerp 2016

The final round of the 2016 UCI World Cup gets underway in Antwerp, Belgium on 24th September and there is a large entry from GB - in 20" Owen Gawthorpe and Andy Chai are joined by Will Ackerly and Aaron Duke who are riding their first World Cup. In 26" Jack Carthy will be favorite to take the win and the 26" World Cup Championship. Joining Jack are Andrei Burton (looking for another top 10 finish) together with Dave Kerr, Scott Wilson, Pat Donovan, Steve Rogers, Aran Iolo Cook and Ryan Crisp.

Good luck to all of the guys - let 's all get behind Jack for the overall win and the double of the world Championship and World Cup to round off this really successful year for British Biketrials!

UCI Trials World Championship Report 2016 (Barry Gawthorpe, Team Manager)

The UCI Trials World Championships for 2016 took place in Vermiglio, a village in the ski resort of Val di Sole in the Italian Dolomites. The competition started with the Junior 20” category at 9am on 31st August. Will Ackerly was the only GB Junior and was competing in his first World Championships. The weather was hot a sunny but a heavy dew made the sections slippery for the first hour or so. Although the sections were tough they were not dangerous but there were a large number of both big and technical moves in each section so unless the rider was clean through each element time was really tight. Will along with the majority of the entry found that the length of the sections was a big challenge. All but one of the sections was set in a stream so there was a high possibility of getting very wet! Will rode really well, improving throughout the day and despite being one of the youngest in the field finished a very creditable 18th with his clean on section 3 and his managing the huge pedal up on section 5 being the highlight of his trial. Will gained invaluable experience from the event and is certain to be up there with the front –runners next year!

The 20” Elite mens’ semi final got underway at noon. The sections were tough and, as with the Juniors, had multiple elements that meant that even if the rider could manage the moves they had to complete them clean and quickly to reach the ends cards before being timed out. Although this class saw a very high quality field time penalties were the order of the day for all but the top riders and the scores were high. Owen Gawthorpe had a great first lap and was the lead GB rider in 15th place just 2 marks behind the BIU 20" Champion Vaclav Kolar but after a couple of unlucky fives Owen wasn’t able to capitalise on his first lap and finished in 22nd place. Andrei Burton, having his customary one 20” outing of the year, did the reverse of Owen and improved throughout the day to finish in a creditable 17th place beating many established 20 “ riders in the process. Dave Kerr enjoyed his 20” ride to finish 28th.

The 26” semi final started in the afternoon of Thursday 1st September and although there were concerns that the blue skies would give way to rain this didn’t materialise and the conditions stayed warm and dry. The sections were in the main toughened versions of the 20” sections with there again being multiple tough elements that meant that all but the very best riders struggled with time. From the  start it was clear that GB’s World Cup winner from 2015, Jack Carthy, was going to be the man to beat and it turned out that the only rider who could live with Jack’s performance was Frenchman Aurelien Fontenoy who took advantage of the UCI organisers inexplicably removing one difficult element from section 1 (that Jack had cleaned on the first lap!) to pip Jack to the win in qualifying. Andrei Burton rode well (although he refused to admit it!) to finish just outside the final qualification places in 9th place. Dave Kerr had a better day on his 26” bike and was happy to complete the trial in 19th place. All of the riders knew how important time was and Pat Donovan realised that such was the severity of the sections that time would play an important part in the overall classification so he pressed on as quickly as he could and was rewarded with a good 25th place.

We had to wait then until Saturday evening for the finale of the competition which was the mens’ Elite 26” final. To say that our own Jack Carthy destroyed both the course and the opposition really does not do justice to Jack’s dominance in the event. After inspecting the sections they looked massive but Jack was worried that they would not prove hard enough! The first 3 riders set off at approximately 4.15pm with Gilles Coustellier losing 25 and Kenny Bealeay 26 on what looked a really difficult final course. Jack started his final at 5.15 and immediately set the pace by losing 1 (an unlucky pedal dab) in section 1 that all of the opposition had fived. He then cleaned sections 2 , 3 and 4 and the pressure of riding with  Jack devastated Aurelien Fontenoy and the 2015 world champion, Vincent Hermance, who had a string of fives to put them out of contention. Coming to section 5 Jack was already well in the lead. The first move on this section had seen all of the other finalists take a dab to manage this awkward gate. Jack was told by all of the team that he only needed to take the safe dab but he had other ideas. Jack had been brooding over the safe dab that turned into a five and left him with the silver medal 12 months ago and wasn’t going to make the same mistake again! He rode into the section with everyone expecting the dab but he set himself for the peddle up and smashed the move to the delight and astonishment of the crowd – he went on to clean the section which contained a huge gap and massive side-hop and if Jack had bothered to look at the faces of the other riders he would have known at that moment that he had the win in the bag! He had a slack dab to save himself on section 1 of the final lap when his final up to front move came up slightly short and a lesser rider would have been looking for his dental insurance! He then had a five on the first move of section 2 for missing a marker but by then he had won. Jack took some convincing that he didn’t need to ride the last three sections but once it sunk in there was a huge Carthy smile and the style was turned right up and but for a pedal dab on the 1.8m hook in the last section Jack lost no more points.

Jack’s winning margin to Gilles Coustellier was 16 marks! Jack confirmed that he is without any doubt the best rider in the world by an absolute mile. It was fantastic to watch the reaction of the crowd and there cannot ever have been a prouder father than Mick Carthy. For GB to have the World Champion and another two riders in the top 10 is absolutely fantastic. Roll on the World Cup in Antwerp in two weeks time when Jack is odds on to retain the World Cup title! – reinforce that trophy cabinet young man!

UCI Age Categories/Classes

As at the publishing date of 18/03/15, the UCI classes were (see 7.1.002 from UCI Trials Rules link at top right of this page):

Poussins: 9-10 years old white course Open
Benjamins: 11-12 years old blue course Open
Minimes: 13-14 years old green course Open
Cadets: 15-16 years old black course Open
Youth Girls 9-11 years old white course Open
Girls: 12-15 years old pink course Open
Men Juniors: 16-18 years old red course 20”
Men Juniors: 16-18 years old red course 26”
Men Elite: 19 years old and up yellow course 20”
Men Elite: 19 years old and up yellow course 26”
Women Elite: 15 years old and over pink course Open

The age class a rider is eligible to ride is determined by his age which is calculated by deducting the year of birth from the current year.

Entering a UCI World Event

To compete in any of the UCI Trials events, you must hold a British Cycling Membership and a Race License - you can arrange these through Rick Clarkson at British Cycling: Telephone: 0161 274 2022 or email him on the link (top right). 

We do have a UCI Team Manager on the Biketrial Federation Committee, if you have any questions about UCI events or need any further information, please do contact Barry Gawthorpe (link at top right).  Barry's role is to co-ordinate the British Team attending the UCI world events, to arrange the FREE team kit, to try to iron out any problems riders might experience, and to put together a rider list and any reports to go on this web page.  It's helpful if you copy him in to your entry form for any UCI world events so we know who's going and can be prepared!  

Everyone MUST complete an entry form by the closing date - there's a 100 fine for late entries and these may not even be accepted!  The entry has to be sent to the UCI by British Cycling, so they need to receive your entry form in plenty of time, don't leave it till the last minute!

The entry form for the UCI World events is different from the usual British ones; it lists ALL the events on the one page so you can complete just the one form for all of the events you want to attend - or you can do them one at a time if you prefer, just don't miss the deadlines.

There are different age and qualifications required for the different type of events, these are detailed below.

UCI World Youth Games

Unfortunately there is currently only one UCI World event for the younger riders.  In 2016 this is to be held on Saturday and Sunday 6th and 7th August at Freiamt in Germany, there is usually a web page on the UCI website about this event but it doesn't appear to have been uploaded by them yet - we'll add a link here as soon as we can.

The Youth Games are for the classes: Poussin, Benjamin, Minime, Cadet, Youth Girls and Girls on the above list.  There is a free choice of wheel sizes between 18" and 26".

The event is run over two competitions:- a semi final, and a final.  For full information the relevant details for Youth Games are at items "7.4.001 to 7.4.012" on the Full UCI Trials Rules document (see top right of this page).

UCI World Cup Series

The World Cup is run over several rounds, usually 4 or 5 rounds per season.  For 2016, the dates we have are:
Round 120/21st May Krakov, Poland
Round 29/10th JulyLes Menuires, France
Round 330/31st JulyVocklabruck, Austria
Round 420/21st AugustAlbertville, France
Round 524/25th SeptemberAntwerp, Belgium
There are usually web pages for each individual event, if/when when these are put on the internet we'll add a link to the list above.

Points are earned at each round and accumulate over the year and World Rankings are decided by adding the points from world cup and world championship events together with certain UCI sanctioned domestic national competitions.

At World Cup events there are only two classes:- 20" and 26" wheel size.  The aim of the series is to "establish a yearly overall ranking of the riders in a combined men elite and men juniors and women elite category", also any riders in their second year of Cadets.  So, only riders meeting the age requirements of Elite and Junior classes and second year of Cadets all compete together, separated only by wheel size.

In the men’s categories, each trials world cup competition includes a finals, a finals and a final.

Full rules for the World Cup series can be found at 7.3.001 to 7.3.015 on the Full UCI Trials Rules document (see top right of this page).

UCI World Championship

You'll see on the entry form when it's released that there is not an option to chose to attend the UCI World Championship - this is because it is an invitation only event with the team being chosen by a Selection Committee made up of people from British Cycling and the Biketrial Federation.

The team is selected based on the terms of the British Cycling Selection Policy (2016 policy here).  The Selection Committee want only to send the best British riders to represent the United Kingdom and the only way to judge that is based on competition results in both British and World Cup events.  Do read the policy fully when the update for 2016 arrives, but in summary, every rider selected must have ridden in at least two qualifying rounds of the British Trials Cup in the current year.

"British Cycling will pay for the cost of appropriate team clothing for all riders and staff. A Team Manager and Assistant Team Manager will be appointed by the Biketrial Federation. The appointed team will not be known until selection has been finalised."  In addition, if/when our funds allow, the Biketrial Federation may make a contribution towards costs.

The World Championship will be held over the dates of 29th August to 3rd September 2016 at Vermiglio-Val di Sole, Italy and classes held will be Junior 20", Junior 26", Elite 20" and Elite 26".

The British Team will be decided immediately after the qualfying rounds stated on the Policy have been completed, at which point riders selected will receive an invitation to take a place on the team.  As soon as everyone has replied to the invite, the final team will be announced here.
Jack Carthy - UK - World Cup Winner 2015
This weekend (8,9 & 10th July) sees the 2nd round of the Trials World Cup being held in the Alpine ski resort of Les Menuires, France. The uk has a big entry for this event with Jack Carthy, Andrei Burton, Dave Kerr and Steve Rogers riding in the 26” class and Sam Oliver and Andy Chai riding the 20” competition. Sam and Andy would have been joined in the 20” by Owen Gawthorpe but a virus is keeping him at home.

Good luck to all of the guys and let us hope for good showings in qualification and for the 2015 World Cup winner Jack Carthy to be topping the podium this time after his unfortunate crash in the first round!

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UCI 2016 Trials World Cup and Youth Games Entry Form
Note for entry form: Before the form will allow you to enter your details it must be saved to your PC - it will not allow you to complete it online.  Once completed, you should then save and email the form to Rick at British Cycling (address above).