What is biketrial?
Sussing out the river section!
Even JEEP trust us to ride bikes over their brand new vehicles!
Charlie Rolls at Hook Woods, already a titled winner and a star of the future.  Charlie started his competitions at Crowthorne Cycle Trials Club and at TykeTrial Club.
Adam Morewood, a regular attendee at BIU World events and world titles. Adam started trials at the TykeTrial Club on his 6th birthday!
Sam Shepherd at Bob Macgregor, a winner for the future?

BikeTrial is the art and skill of riding your bike over and between obstacles, showing balance and fitness. Ideally not touching the 'section' with anything except the bike's tyres!

Some people ride special 20" wheeled bikes, or even smaller for the younger children. Other people ride 26" mountain bikes, others ride the newish 24" bikes. It really doesn't matter which. The aim is to ride your bike, learn new skills, make new friends and to enjoy yourself!

Come along to a competition, classes at clubs start with Beginners, Novice, Intermediate, Expert and Elite ~ self-graded on ability.

Give competitions a go in 2016, you don't need to be the best, classes are available for all riding abilities, just come along, meet new people, learn new skills in a great atmosphere, and have a good time!        

All the riders pictured started trials in club and British national competitions, they weren't all as good to start as you see them in photos now ... you could be one of them in the future - just give it a go!

To find out more about competitions, check out this video ...

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Biketrial UK Federation Constitution

Biketrial UK Federation exists in order to:

promote the ideals of good citizenship through the disciplines inherent in sporting activity
Self discipline
Personal responsibility
make it easier for riders and organisers to participate
promote and further the sport of Biketrial in the United Kingdom
monitor and supervise the quality of National, Regional and Club Trial events
encourage international participation both at home and abroad (UCI and BIU)
work and co-operate with international event organisers and competitors

Aims and Objectives

To encourage growth of the sport, and therefore youth involvement, by developing and enabling systems for new groups/clubs to embrace.
To improve the quality of the Biketrial sport in the UK
providing venues of a quality appropriate for National Championship standard
providing facilities appropriate for National Championship attention
providing awards suitable for National Championship level
seeking new boundaries for the sport
taking Biketrial to the people with new venues in prominent places with no restrictions on participation.
To increase public interest and to raise media attention in order to encourage a growth of the importance of the sport in the UK.
To enhance Britain's standing in the World ranking of Biketrial.
To prepare competitions for, and to encourage international competitors.

Membership of BikeTrial UK Federation

Officers to be elected are Chairman and Administrator. Each Officer has one vote, with the Chairman holding the casting vote when required.

Each participating Biketrial UK Federation club may send two representatives to meetings and each club has two votes.

In addition, delegates are invited to attend meetings from the following biketrial/cycling bodies: BIU; UCI; British Cycling.

Have a look through this website at all the clubs and national events, check out the ones closest to you and come along and give it a go.

We all start somewhere -
even just avoiding obstacles is an art!

In 2015 the awards were presented to the winners by Danny Macaskill, Alistair Clarkson and Duncan Shaw of the video and Rock'n'roll fame ... All three were regular attendees of British Trials in their youth!  Well done on a successful career guys!  Even now they sometimes appear at a Scottish Biketrial Club event!
UCI World Cup winner 2015, Jack Carthy, chatting with spectators at Bob Macgregor.  Jack started his amazing fame at the TykeTrial Club and British Trials Cups, never missing a single trial in years.  The hard work was worth it Jack - just keep up the practice!
Andrei Burton at Hook Woods, a well-known player at UCI World Cups and trials demos started his training at Essex Biketrial Club.
Sam Oliver at Bob Macgregor, often seen at World Cups and British competitions, started his time at TykeTrial Club.
We can't picture and name every British rider who's had great achievements internationally over the years, there's too many of them - but all of them started out at one of the British Clubs - go on ... it could be you next!.